Fans Club

Al-Sadd Fans Club was established in the season 2003/2004 and was then an unprecedented idea at the gulf and Arab clubs. Al-Sadd Fans Club’s role is not restricted only in organizing fan groups in the pitches, but the role in fact goes far beyond that.

The fan club offered many creative ideas and emerged as an reol model to follow among Qatari clubs. They succeeded in braining in Al-Sadd fans from their homes to follow their beloved club in the stadium.

The biggest step is that the fan club is holding annual gatherings between the club management and fans, an open platform to dicuss all issues in a transparent and Democratic atmosphere. Ironically, this step was of great critics at the begining while now other clubs are following suit.

The fan club was made up of 3 members at the outest, but now the strong 15-member fan club boasts great success in record time. In fact QFA called on other Qatari clubs to experience Al-Sadd innovative idea.

Further, the fan club was also the first to put in place the SMS free service. After one and half year, there are more than 8000 subscribers who received a number of over 3 million SMS during this spell.

There is an idea to establish a special cafe to all Al-Sadd lovers.

The club fans is in the habit to pay visits to schools who have students like the Al-Sadd. There are also many charity initiatives the club fan is involved throughout the year.

One of the innovative steps is that the club fan struck a deal with Givenchy to sponsor the player of the month award. A scheme where the club fan honor the best player through a vote on the official website.

The club fan won the title of best fan club for four successive year, 2006 – 2007- 2008 and 2013