AFC Champions League: Al-Sadd depart for Sharjah on Saturday

The Al-Sadd first team conducted its training session on Saturday under the guidance of the new coach, Wesam Rizik, who has taken charge of the team for the upcoming transitional period.

The training session took place with great enthusiasm from all players, especially with an increase in physical preparations.

The training was supervised by coach Wesam and his assistants, with the participation from the players currently present with the team, given the absence of international players who are with the Qatari national team in the joint qualifiers for the 2027 AFC Asian Cup and the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The session began with customary warm-up exercises before transitioning to dynamic exercises, which varied between diverse running drills and stationary frequency exercises. The players then engaged in ball exercises, including quick two-touch play and pressing against the opponent.

The team is expected to continue its training sessions in the upcoming period, awaiting the return of international players and the completion of the first-team squad, in preparation for the match against Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates in the fifth round of the AFC Champions League group stage, scheduled to be played on Monday, November 27th in the UAE.