Akram Afif: I congratulate our fans on this important victory over a strong opponent

Al-Sadd star Akram Afif conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to the club’s fans following their crucial 3-2 win against Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal in the second round of the King Salman Club Cup group stage.

In his post-match statements, Akram said, “We are absolutely thrilled with this important triumph over a strong team like Al-Hilal. They put up a tough fight and have players of exceptional caliber. However, we handled the match with precision and determination, resulting in a strong performance from our side. Congratulations to our fans.”

He added: “This victory is a source of happiness as it boosts our progress in the tournament, and we eagerly look forward to continue with our competitive spirit.”

Regarding Al-Sadd’s physical advantage, which became evident towards the end of the match, Akram stated, “Undoubtedly, our training with the coach has been effective. We have only had a few training sessions under his guidance. Nevertheless, our performance has improved, and we are eager to make further progress and achieve more victories in the upcoming matches.”