Al-Sadd players express joy after winning 2023-24 Expo Stars League title

Players from Al-Sadd’s first team shared their elation after clinching the Expo Stars League Shield for the 2023-2024 season. This victory followed the team’s 4-0 win against Al-Shamal in the 21st round of the league, held at the Al-Bayt Stadium on Wednesday.

Each player expressed immense joy at winning the championship after an arduous season and extended their gratitude to the club’s management, coaching staff, administrative team, and the fans.

Baghdad Bounedjah: Congratulations to Players, Coaching Staff, and Administration

Algerian striker Baghdad Bounedjah described winning the league title as one of the most beautiful moments in his career. He congratulated his teammates, coaching staff, and club management on this achievement, adding another trophy to Al-Sadd’s illustrious history of successes.

He remarked, “We aimed to clinch the title, and Al-Sadd deserved to win the shield this season for the seventeenth time in the club’s history. It was a tough season, but we managed to secure the title and reclaim the shield once again.”

Hassan Al-Haydos: Shield Acquisition Was Not Easy

Team captain Hassan Al-Haydos expressed immense joy at Al-Sadd’s triumph in securing the Expo Stars League Shield this season. He said, “Achieving this accomplishment brings great joy, and every Al-Sadd supporter is celebrating today. Thanks to God, we achieved this success in the current season before the end of the competition with just one round to spare.”

He added, “Winning the league this season was a challenge for us. As players, we pledged from the beginning of the season to reclaim the league title for Al-Sadd, and acquiring the shield was not an easy task. However, in every match, we entered with a determination to win.”

Akram Afif: League Victory is the Result of a Whole Season’s Effort

Al-Sadd star Akram Afif emphasized that winning the league was the result of the team’s collective effort throughout the season, during which they displayed a high level of performance.

He continued, “Thank God for the victory and the title, winning the 17th shield in Al-Sadd’s history. Undoubtedly, it’s an exceptional and remarkable day for Al-Sadd’s journey this season, characterized by determination and a desire to win the title.”

He added, “We faced competition from other teams, but Al-Sadd consistently proved its ability in every match. Winning the league title makes you feel that you have achieved a significant accomplishment because this triumph is the result of the team’s effort throughout the season.”

Pedro Miguel: Proud of What Was Achieved and Looking Forward to More

Pedro Miguel expressed his happiness at winning the shield deservedly. He said, “We are delighted to win the shield as a reward for our efforts, and we look forward to more. Al-Sadd achieved its goal of lifting the league title, and the players showed a fighting spirit in all matches. There was great desire from everyone to win the title.”

He continued, “We thank the Al-Sadd fans for their presence and support. We are happy because we were able to delight our fans, and we have the motivation to deliver the best in the remaining tournaments of the season.”

Khoukhi Boualem: League Victory was Tough

Al-Sadd defender Khoukhi Boualem affirmed that winning the league title was extremely challenging.

He said, “The players delivered great performances until the decisive match against Al-Shamal in the twenty-first week. The fans played a significant role in supporting the team.”

He added, “From the beginning, we aimed to win the title. Winning the shield wasn’t easy, but in every match, we entered with the aim of winning.”

Ali Asad: Congrats to Al-Sadd Management, Fans, and Supporters

Ali Asad expressed immense joy at Al-Sadd’s victory in securing the league shield.

He said, “Congratulations to Al-Sadd management, the club’s fans, and all supporters on this achievement of winning the league title. We thank the fans who attended the stadium and supported the team.”

He added, “Our focus from the beginning was to achieve victory with the shield. The team played with a high and collective spirit. We have important upcoming challenges, and all the players did not fall short during the season. The team played collectively, and this helped us in obtaining the shield.”