Al-Sadd resume training to prepare for Umm Salal clash

Al Sadd’s first team resumed training at 6:30 PM on Wednesday at the club’s training centre, after a day’s break which followed the 4-3 defeat to Al-Markhiya in the first round of the 2022-23 QNB Stars League.

The Wolves are preparing for the second round match against Umm Salal, which will be played on Tuesday, the 9th of August at Khalifa International Stadium.

The coaching staff, led by the head coach Juanma, held a meeting with the players before the start of the training session to talk about the mistakes that occurred in the game against Al-Markhiya, before going on to the exercises, which witnessed a step-up in terms of the physical training, especially with the players returning from their break. Later, the players moved on to skill drills with the ball, which included working in small spaces amidst continuous pressure, along with working on moving the ball across the pitch, and also quick transition between defence and attack.