Bruno Miguel: It will be tough against Al-Ahli

Al-Sadd head coach Bruno Miguel highlighted the difficulty of the upcoming match against Al-Ahli in the second week of the 2023-2024 Expo Stars League.

Speaking during the pre-match press conference, Bruno said, “In the upcoming match, we aim to maintain the dynamism we displayed in the previous game. I think we played well in that match and achieved a good result.”

He continued, “Al-Ahli will also be a strong opponent for us, as they are coming off a defeat against Al-Duhail. Surely, they will rectify many things. However, we want to continue winning matches; that’s our goal, of course. I believe our last match was very positive for us.”

The coach of pointed out that the Al-Sadd team started the Expo Stars League of this year on a positive note. He said, “We entered this year’s league in good form, not only because of the result in the first match but also due to the level the team demonstrated during the game.”

He added, “We didn’t allow the opponent many chances within the penalty area. Offensively, we created some good opportunities. Ultimately, it was truly positive because the players did a good job.”

Concluding his remarks, the Al-Sadd coach stated, “Facing Al-Ahli will be tough. We saw in the first round that most of the matches were highly competitive. The Al-Ahli vs. Al-Duhail match was also intense. We expect a challenging opponent because it’s certainly going to be tough, but we are here to win, and that’s what we’re working towards.”