Emanuel Infante: We will approach the game against Ahli Tripoli with full force

Emanuel Infante, Al-Sadd’s assistant coach, expressed his anticipation for the upcoming match against Libya’s Ahli Tripoli, acknowledging its challenges. The Group B third round match in the King Salman Club Cup, is set to kick off at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, 2nd August, at the Damac Stadium in Abha, Saudi Arabia.

During the press conference, Infante stated, “As we prepare for this match, we are aware that we are facing a different opponent. We are formulating a unique strategy to rectify our previous errors and thoroughly analyze our opponents to ensure our peak performance.”

Continuing his remarks, he emphasized the team’s determination, saying, “We approach this match with full force, aiming to secure a victory. Relying on chance is not our way. We are continuously evolving from one match to another, and we hope to put up our best performance against Ahli Tripoli to achieve victory.”

Infante underlined the significance of the tournament, where all teams are on equal footing, and success depends on performance. He explained, “At this stage, it’s too early to speak of winning the championship. Our sole focus is on each individual match, and our primary goal is to secure a place in the quarter-finals.”

He also stressed the need for unwavering focus and dedication, stating, “With all four teams having a fair chance at qualification, we remain vigilant and committed. Ahli Tripoli’s remarkable fitness and skilled players motivate us to deliver nothing less than our best to secure victory.”

Regarding the participation of new players from the start of the match, Infante clarified, “The decision to involve new players depends on match circumstances, and our coaching staff will assess their readiness to start or participate in parts of the game.”