Guilherme Torres: We will play with our best level to win the Qatar Cup

Guilherme Torres spoke about the upcoming Qatar Cup final against Al Duhail, acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference, Guilherme said: “The cup matches are different from league matches, and this upcoming game will be very difficult for both teams. To win the cup, we need to focus and capitalise on the other team’s mistakes.”

He stressed his team’s determination to win the title, saying: “We work together as a team, and we know that the final match is very different from the league matches. I am committed to giving my best for my team, and our ultimate goal is to win the championship.”

The Brazilian player also shared his perspective on winning, saying, “Throughout my career, winning has always been the most important thing. By executing our game plan, we can achieve our goal. We will play with all our strength to achieve victory and perform at our best level. The atmosphere in training is great, and we are striving with all our might to win the championship.”