Hassan Al-Haydos: It will be a tough match for both sides

Al-Sadd captain Hassan Al-Haydos described the upcoming match against Jordan’s Al-Faisaly in the fourth round of the AFC Champions League as strong and challenging.

During the press conference, Al-Haydos said, “The match will be tough for both teams, and the result of the first match does not reflect the strength and form of the Al-Faisaly team.”

He continued, “All Champions League matches are tough, and each match has its circumstances. It will be a different encounter with other conditions, and we hope for success for Al-Sadd. Our goal is to secure three points.”

Hassan added, “In Al-Sadd’s recent matches, luck was on our side, and we seized every opportunity. The team showed offensive aggression that led to these significant victories. I hope we continue this in tomorrow’s match.”

Al-Haydos promised Al-Sadd’s fans to give their best, saying, “We will do our utmost to achieve victory, and results are always uncertain. We have great respect for Al-Faisaly and its fans. The presence of the fans will give them a significant boost, and we must use all these events positively for our benefit to achieve victory.”