Hassan Al-Haydos: We apologize to the fans, everyone bears responsibility

Al-Sadd captain Hassan Al-Haydos spoke of his disappointment after the 1-0 loss to Persepolis, which saw the Wolves go out of the AFC Champions League.

Speaking after the game, Al-Haydos said: “All the players wished to reach the farthest stage in the Champions League. We had ambitions and a big dream, but unfortunately we did not succeed in this match against Persepolis.”

He added: “We apologize to our fans who had placed great hopes in us for this tournament and the loss is painful. In such matches, there are small details that settle things in the end, and this is what happened. Al-Sadd lost and exited the tournament because of a set-piece, from which the Persepolis goal came. In matches like this, we must be focused throughout the 90 minutes, from the first moment until the final whistle.”

Al-Haydos also said: Everyone bears responsibility and I am the first to take responsibility. We promise our fans that we will do our best in the upcoming challenges.”