Wesam Rizk: We are fully prepared to face Al-Markhiya

Al-Sadd head coach Wesam Rizk affirmed the team’s readiness to confront Al-Markhiya in the upcoming match in the Round of 16 the 2024 Amir Cup.

Addressing reporters at the pre-match press conference, Wesam emphasized the significance of the tournament, stating, “The Amir Cup holds great importance for all of us, with our ultimate aim being to clinch the cup. The challenge posed by Al-Markhiya in the round of 16 is formidable and pivotal, necessitating thorough preparation.”

The coach further expressed the team’s aspiration to reconcile with Al-Sadd’s fans following their exit from the Qatar Cup.

He added: “As Al-Sadd, we are accustomed to performing under pressure; we have players who are mentally and physically prepared on a high level.”

“Our relentless ambition is to secure championships,” Wesam affirmed, acknowledging the team’s persistent efforts. However, he noted that external factors and injury circumstances sometimes hinder the realization of their goals.

Emphasizing the uncompromising nature of cup competitions, Rizk asserted, “We are fully prepared to affirm our superiority over Al-Markhiya. The players of Al-Sadd have amassed invaluable match experience this season, and I anticipate a resolute response from them against Al-Markhiya.”