Yousuf Abdurisag: We anticipate an intense match against Al-Duhail

Yousuf Abdurisag discussed the significance of the upcoming encounter against Al-Duhail in the semi-finals of the 2014 Emir Cup.

During the press conference, Yousuf remarked, “We anticipate a challenging and intense match. We are just one step away from the final. Our focus will be unwavering as we strive for victory and advancement to the final.”

He further stated, “Al-Duhail will undoubtedly come at us with full force, but we are fully prepared. This tournament holds immense importance for all of us. Personally, I have won the title twice with the club, and I am determined to secure the third title for myself and the nineteenth for our club, bringing joy to the fans.”

Addressing the departure of Algerian striker Baghdad Bounedjah, he expressed, “Baghdad Bounedjah is not just a teammate; he’s like a big brother to me and an inspiration to everyone. While his absence is felt, the club has the capability to recruit players to fill his void. We are committed to striving for victory in the Amir Cup, dedicating our efforts to him.”