Ali Asad: Matches against Al-Arabi are always challenging

Al-Sadd’s player Ali Asad affirmed the readiness of his team for the upcoming match against Al-Arabi in the seventeenth week of the Expo Stars League.

During the pre-match press conference, Ali stated: “Our matches against Al-Arabi are always tough and challenging. In the last three matches against Al-Arabi, we did not achieve victory, and this is a significant motivation for us to give our best and secure the win.”

He continued: “After returning from the AFC Asian Cup, we did not perform at our best as international players, considering the fatigue we are experiencing after two months of league suspension and participating with the national team in winning the Asian title.”

Ali concluded by saying: “The match against Al-Arabi is the Qatar Derby, and we are ready for it. Our goal is to win and earn the three points.”