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Baghdad Bounedjah: The match was intense, our victory was well-deserved

Algerian striker Baghdad Bounedjah expressed his immense joy after securing victory against Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal in the second round of the King Salman Club Cup group stage.

Bounedjah stated in his post-match remarks, “It was a highly competitive match, and we succeeded in achieving the victory through a stellar performance from our team. We are thrilled to have secured this triumph, as it strengthens our position in our group in the tournament and propels us forward.”

He also conveyed his appreciation to Al-Hilal’s fans, saying, “It was an exhilarating match, and I was overjoyed to score the equalising goal, especially at such a crucial moment in the game. I extend my gratitude to Al-Hilal’s supporters and offer my apologies if there are any hard feelings.”

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