Bruno Miguel: Nasaf is a well-organized team with good players, we expect a tough match

Al-Sadd coach, Bruno Miguel, addressed the media ahead of their AFC Champions League encounter against Nasaf in Qarshi, Uzbekistan.

Speaking about tomorrow’s match against Nasaf, Bruno Miguel stated, “We are expecting a difficult match as always. Nasaf is a well-organized team with good players, and we are expecting a very tough match.”

After sharing that he had visited Uzbekistan before, Miguel said, “This is a very clean and beautiful country. About the city, we did not have any time to visit places because we arrived yesterday and we have to train and prepare for the game.”

Acknowledging some problems with missing players, he affirmed, “The available players will always give their best. We trust the players that we have.”

As for the different playing styles of the two teams, Miguel noted, “Nasaf has two points more than us, so that may affect the way they approach this game. But I think both teams will have the same mentality. The goal is always to win the game.”

Reflecting on the draw against Sharjah, he stated, “We controlled the whole match and did not give them any chances to score. We also missed a penalty. It was a draw against a very tough team, but we deserved to win the game.”

Regarding the group’s competitiveness, Miguel said, “There are no weak teams. This is the Champions League, and almost all teams are balanced and well-organized.”

Anticipating Nasaf’s approach, he said, “We are expecting a team that is organized in all aspects and will try to recover the ball in advanced areas. They have focused more on the defensive aspects in recent games.”

“Usually, when teams play against Al-Sadd, they always try to deny space for us to move. I think they will have a defensive approach, but let’s see tomorrow to know for sure.”

Avoiding specific comments on players, Miguel highlighted Nasaf’s strength, saying, “Nasaf’s strength is in the collective unit.”

Asked about Uzbek football, the coach had words of praise, saying, “I think they have invested a lot in football, and I like the performances I have seen in their national teams. It looks like they have a bright future.”