Gonzalo Plata: We know it won’t be an easy game against Al-Duhail

Al-Sadd’s Ecuadorian star Gonzalo Plata spoke about the importance of the upcoming Expo Stars League game against Al-Duhail, and stressed on the need to be focused.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference, Plata said: “This match will surely be tough. We’ve faced them before, so we know it won’t be easy. We’re aware that second and third place are very close to us. We can’t afford to relax or enter the game carelessly – surprises can happen, just like in the last match.”

“Therefore, we need to be focused from the very first minute. We have to get our act together and strive to score the first goal within the first ten minutes to create some breathing room for ourselves in the game.”

He added: “It all comes down to each player’s focus and their management of the match. I see the team in good shape, and together I feel we can achieve the championship. Everything depends on our approach to the upcoming match and securing those three points.”

“We won’t concede anything, as I said before, the situation remains the same. We focus on every game, and we aim to score the crucial first goal that will help open up the match with ease. Everything is entirely in our hands. There’s no other way around it.”