Wesam Rizk: Al-Duhail clash will be tough for both teams

Al-Sadd head coach Wesam Rizk emphasised the significance of their upcoming match against Al Duhail in the 20th week of the 2023-24 Expo Stars League.

During the pre-match press conference, Rizk also acknowledged the difficulty the clash presents for both teams.

“An important and anticipated match awaits us against Al Duhail,” Rizk said. “It will be difficult for both parties, but our ambition, as I said, is the three points to stay at the top.”

Rizk went on to stress the importance of each remaining match in the season, stating, “Every remaining game is crucial for us. We’ll approach this match with the mentality of a final. Winning all three points is non-negotiable.”

Rizk also highlighted the history of intense competition between Al Sadd and Al Duhail. Speaking about Al Duhail’s current form, he said: “Their position in the table now does not suit them and it does not reflect their true strength. We will have to give our all to achieve victory and we are prepared to do that.”

Finally, Rizk expressed his confidence in Al Sadd’s loyal fanbase. “Our fans consistently support us,” he said. “Their presence is a source of immense motivation, and we look forward to their continued backing in all upcoming matches as we fight to secure the league title.”