Wesam Rizk: We dominated the game and got three important points

Al-Sadd coach Wesam Rizk expressed his joy over his side’s crucial 3-0 victory over Qatar in Week 15 of the Expo Stars League.

Speaking after the match, the coach stated, “Thanks to God for the victory. We secured three extremely important points for us. We are progressing from one game to another, and hopefully, we will maintain the same level in the upcoming matches.”

Wesam added in his statement to the Al-Sadd website, “The match was not easy. In the first half, we were the better team and dominated the course of the game. We succeeded in scoring three goals but missed several opportunities that could have increased the lead.”

He continued, “I thank the players for their performance and the fighting spirit they showed in the match.”

The coach extended his gratitude to the fans for their support during the game, saying, “I thank the fans for supporting the team, and the beautiful image they displayed today. We look forward to more from them in the upcoming matches.”